Hair is all about feeling.

As a hairstylist, you are at the helm of creating beauty.
You are the visionary responsible for shape, texture, movement, and weight.
For 14 years, I have spent my career working in depth on fashion shows, with iconic brands, and on some of the top celebrities in our industry. Amidst all of this, I have been nurturing an evolving style of haircutting for both men and women that I call “Hair Carving.”

Hair carving can be done with both scissors and a beard trimmer. This technique is unlike any other because it can create both the crisp lines of techniques like Sassoon, and simultaneously embody softness and delicate movement to give your haircut the utmost body.

Hair carving is essential to creating a haircut that is specifically for your client. This doesn’t replace your training- instead, this is a pure and simple theory that can sit at the basis of all techniques you choose to use as a hairstylist.

When you bring this workshop into your salon for education, you will learn how to feel the hair for weight, techniques for common client complaints, how to use the scissor and beard trimmer for carving, the principles of “gutting” when to use and on what hair types, and breaking down your layers.

This educational program is available as both a “Look and Learn” -a 2-3 hour session where the principles listed above are covered, as well as a 4-5 hour hands on session where you will additionally try out the technique on your model.

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